Trips – Barrasford to Hexham


Barrasford to Hexham

This trip’s highlight is Warden’s Gorge, a short 100m of bouncy grade 3, levels are controlled by Kielder dam which releases regularly. Normally a release is scheduled for the weekend of the Tyne Tour however this cannot be guarenteed

Put in at Barrasford football ground, either above or below rapid, left is small grade 4 and right grade 3

Take out at Hexham above the Weir. Suitable for open boats

Trip Information

Grade 3
Length 7 Miles
Paddleable Low to High

Getting There

Put In NY92207297
Take Out NY93996464

The Tyne Tour event needs the support of the local riparian owners to continue, please use the toilets provided before setting off and excercise polite discretions in an emergency


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