Event Info – Camping


Tyne Green Site

The area used for camping is not normally a campsite. Amenities are therefore limited to basic toilet facilities and drinking water will be available from pipes on the site, with showers and more toilets available at Wentworth Leisure Centre.

This is Northumberland Council’s land and we have to observe their camping regulations, copies of which will be available from the Information Point.

Because of the risk of fire please take note of the fire safety information and be aware that campers who infringe these safety rules will be asked to leave.

We will pre-allocate camping spaces for large groups (more than ten people). Please check with the Information Point where your group has been placed.

We will try and reserve the area furthest along Tyne Green for small groups who would prefer a quieter camping experience.

Tyne Green is the only recognised campsite in use by the tour. Any alternative arrangements made by tour paddlers are outside the organisers responsibility. Wild camping is not allowed or condoned.

Caravans & trailer tents will only be accepted by prior booking, we can only accommodate a small number; caravans that have not pre-booked will be turned away. Please state on the application form how many caravans or tents you wish to bring to the tour.

Tent Spacing
Each tent must be no less than 3 metres from any other tent and there must be a clear space of 6 metres between groups.

Please understand that this is for your own safety, reducing the risk of a tent fire spreading among other tents.

If you fail to observe this, you will be asked to move your tent by the organisers upon receiving a complaint from your neighbours.

Fire Points
There will be four fire points on Tyne Green; it’s your responsibility to familiarise yourself with their position, looking for them while your tent burns causes unnecessary distress.

If you discover a fire raise the alarm by shouting, “FIRE” and dial 999 on the nearest phone. The closest pay phone will be outside the information point
next to the road.

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